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All goods and services at Electrobeach are purchased using EMF Credits. These are available from the Beachbank. This system makes it easy to purchase whatever you need without having to worry about carrying around cash.


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The toilets at Electrobeach are free to use. The toilets are cleaned constantly. There are special FreshPoints at the festival site where you can freshen up yourself. It’s extremely forbidden to pee out in the open. If this is noticed, you will be accompanied to the entrance and will be strictly forbidden to enter again!
A festival is an event that always takes place in a friendly atmosphere where everyone must be active and responsible. Together we create unforgettable moments. However it may be possible that you lose your papers, your bag, clothing, or any other of your things that you have. This is why a "Lost and Found" stand is located near the lockers, at the festival entrance. Of course, we rely on the goodwill of each person to file objects that have been discovered during his stay. You will can, hopefully, recover what you may have lost. The objects collected each of the festival days will be submitted at noon the next day at the BarcarèsMunicipal Police, at the following address : Boulevard du 14 Juillet , 66420 Le Barcarès (next to City Hall).
You can store your valuable belongings & clothing, without having to worry about loss or theft. We ask for a contribution for hiring a locker during the weekend. The lockers can be found at the festival & campsite. During the opening hours, lockers are continuously under surveillance. The lockers are always accessible for the people who rent them. SIZE: You can share 1 locker with 2 or 3 friends. You can store a few jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, shoes,…


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There is a wide range of food and drink provided for partygoers at Electrobeach. Please see the Food and Drink section for more information.