Are you planning to go to the Electrobeach Festival and have free seats in your car? Or have you already bought your ticket for the festival, but you do not know how to get there?

The solution: Carpool with our partner RoadnJoy!

You will meet other festival-goers and share your passion for electronic music.

In addition, benefits are granted to festival-goers who roommate with Roodnjoy! A T-shirt is offered to drivers, goodies are given to passengers and a draw will allow festival-goers who have carpooled, to earn 3-day Passes for the following year.

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Coming from Barcelona / Perpignan

  • From the A9 motorway, exit  Perpignan Nord # 41
  • Follow the direction of  Le Barcarès  on the RD83
  • Take exit # 13 or # 14 from the RD83 to join the  Lydia .
  • Once in Port-Barcarès, follow the marked trails to the site and / or parking.

From Toulouse / Montpellier

  • From the A9 motorway, exit  Leucate # 40
  • Follow direction Leucate /  Le Barcarès  on the RD627
  • Take exit 13 from the RD83 to join the  Lydia .
  • Once in Port-Barcarès, follow the marked trails to the site and / or parking.


The coach has many qualities: it is a way of steadfast economic transport and renowned for its reliability. It also encourages meetings between passengers. You have not yet reached your destination you've already been exchanged and shared your passion with others! Public transport Lydia space is accessible via different lines of public transport in the urban community Perpignan Méditerranée. More information The schedules are listed below, these lines will take you to the festival but not bring you back after the festival. For this there are the festivals of shuttles that serve many cities.
  • Line 13: Gare TGV Perpignan> Le Barcarès
  • Line 36: St Laurent de la Salanque> Le Barcarès
  • Line 37 "Bus Med" Canet-en-Roussillon> Le Barcarès


By choosing the train, you're doing something for the environment while having the free spirit for concerts. Perpignan Train Station is served by many lines (TGV, TER). It is about 20 minutes by car and 40 minutes by public transport from Lydia Area. More information and schedules on: . Some travel time
  • Figueres (Spain) <> Perpignan: 25 minutes (TGV) / 1:15 (TER)
  • Narbonne <> Perpignan: 35min (TER / TGV)
  • Girona (Spain) <> Perpignan: 40 minutes (TGV)
  • Béziers <> Perpignan: 1h00 (TER / TGV)
  • Barcelona <> Perpignan: 1:20 (TGV)
  • Carcassonne <> Perpignan: 1h30 (TER / TGV)
  • Montpellier <> Perpignan: 1:40 (TER / TGV)
  • Toulouse <> Perpignan: 2:20 (TER / TGV)
  • Nîmes <> Perpignan: 2:10 (TER / TGV)
  • Lyon <> Perpignan: 3h30 (TGV) / 5 hours (TER)
  • Bordeaux <> Perpignan: 4h30 (TER / TGV)
  • Marseille <> Perpignan: 4h30 (TER / TGV)
  • Paris <> Perpignan: 5:10 (TGV)


Perpignan airport - Southern France

Located north of Perpignan, Perpignan airport - Southern France is 20 km from Port-Barcarès. This airport receives regular lines and low cost to and from various French and European cities. More information on .

Girona Airport (Spain)

Located south of Girona, it is located 125 km from Port-Barcarès. It hosts many regular flights to various French and European cities. A  direct shuttle  is performed several times a day to Perpignan. More information on .

Barcelona Airport (Spain)

Located south of Barcelona, it is 220 Km from Port-Barcarès. Thanks to the TGV, one of the largest airports in Europe within 2 hours from Port-Barcarès. More information on .


The Port of Port-Barcarès has several locations for the call. Get information at near the harbor: Captaincy Amiral de Castelbajac Port St. Ange 66420 Le Barcarès Such. : +33 4 68 86 07 35 Fax: +33 4 68 80 94 26