Festival General rules


General warning

Advertising : flyers and posters


What are the allowed objects?

What is the minimum age to access Electrobeach?

What are the forbidden objects?

During the Festival

How do I get to Electrobeach?


How do I pay for my purchases at the festival?

Does the 3 day pass includes GreenBeach ?

Services Provided


Lost & found

Food & Drinks

What are the prices of drinks and food?


Car parks


How many people must occupy a tent?

Can we choose our campsite?

What is the minimum age to attend the camping?

When is opening and closing GreenBeach ?

I want to come only 1 night at GreenBeach

What are the check-in schedules ?

What objects can not be brought to GreenBeach?


How to access GreenBeach ?

How to buy my access ticket for GreenBeach ?

Are lockers available ?

Do I have to use a shuttle to go to the festival area ?

Can I access with my car in the GreenBeach area?

Are sanitary facilities regularly cleaned ?

What are the GreenBeach facilities ?

How do I pay for my purchases at the camping?


I didn’t receive my wristband in the mail, what to do?

How to change the name of my ticket ?

I received my wristband, but it is defective

How can I lose my bracelet?

How to position the bracelet on my wrist?

How can I acquire EMF credits ?

How can I pay with my bracelet?

I didn't receive my wristband at home !

What's cashless payment ?

Cashless payment terms and conditions

What if I didn't receive my wristband at home ?


How can I transfer money to my wristband ?

Can I register multiple bracelets in the same account?

Can I disable a wristband from my account ?

Why should I create an account and link my wristband ?

How to connect my e-Ticket to my account ?

How to connect my wristband to my account ?

How to create an account before having its wristband ?


How many credits can I buy?

How to get credits before arriving on the festival site ?

How to buy credits on the festival website?

What is Auto Credit?

My Auto credit didn't work. What can be the problem ? What should I do ?

How can I cancel Auto credit ?

How can I check my credit balance ?

Where can I pay with my credits?

What happens if I do not use all my credits?

What minimum amount do I must have in my bracelet?

Will I get a receipt for purchases I make during the festival ?

Are there limits to the amount that can be spent in a single transaction?

Are there limits on the value or number of transactions I can do with my wristband ?


How to access the sale with my code?

My access code doesn't work

I didn't get the email with my access code


Buying process step by step

Which payment methods are available

What are the payment fees ?

Should my credit card used to purchase the tickets be valid the day of the festival ?


What are the purchasing phases?

When will be available 1 day tickets ?

Is a 2 days pass available ?

Where can I buy tickets?

When will I get my ticket(s)?

How do I personalize my ticket(s)?

When will I receive my wristband?

What if I don’t want to get the wristband at home ?

How to get my wristband if I do not get it at home?


Can we resell our ticket?

I bought a ticket outside the official circuits of sale, could I attend the festival?

How to change the name on the tickets ?

Can we enter with a wristband which is not in our name?

If we come with a ticket not in our name, will the access be refused to us?

Are the tickets nominative?

Are the wristbands nominative?

Is it possible to get a refund for tickets?

PRMs Access - Informations

Are there facilities reserved for Persons with Reduced Mobility?

Is the festival area easily accessible?

What documents are required?

How to get to the PWD Parking?


I am offered a ticket on a classified ads website or hand in hand, what to do?

How to personalize my ticket or my wristband?

Why personalize my bracelet?

How can I pay with my wristband?

How can I check the history of my transactions?

I have problems registering an account

I registered my account but did not receive the activation or registration email

I activated my EMF account but when I try to log in, it says my username is not found?

Who else but me will have access to my EMF account information?

Will the RFID reader turn on if I walk past?

How secure is the wristband?

Can RFID Frequency interfere with my other credit cards, such as credit or debit cards?

How can I transfer money to my wristband?

How can I get the money back on my account?

Can I pay with cash/bank card on the stands?

Is it important to arrive earlier than usual at the festival?

I lost my wristband, what to do?

I didn’t receive my wristband in the mail, what to do?

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Photo devices

All different types of digital cameras and/or video cameras are allowed. Our advice : make as much movies as possible and upload it on Youtube !

Photos and movie recording

During the event, pictures and film recordings will be made: at arrival all visitors give the organisation silent approval to multiply, exploit and broadcast these images/photos.